Monday, April 20, 2015

April sewing

This is what will be going to the kiddos at the BH house.

size 4

 Size 3

 Size 2

Size 6 

 Pink pair size 6 mths. M & m ones size 3 mths.

 pj pants size 12

 Size 18 mths

Pillow case, 2 draw string bags, one Christmas tree ornament.

All of these were made with scraps of fabric as I don't have full yards of fabric to work with. Surprised myself with what I was able to make.

I am home sick today. I am hoping (now that no one else is home) to lay out and baste the quilt top "twas the night before Christmas". I finished the quilting part some time ago, but have not had time and room to do anything else to it. 

Track & field season started so I am busy driving Matt around and I am now working weekends. So my time is very limited.  Five weeks of school left and then I will have a month of vacation. Except weekends. 

Off to take some cough medicine and sit on the floor to baste my quilt.

Take care, 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Summer dress

The weather is warming up here in NM.

So I made a summer dress, size 12 months. This is the second time I make this dress and it's a pain. Should of listened to the other sewing club members when they said to stay away from this pattern. 

It did come out cute and I did fix the back to close correctly.
I will try it again, but will wait a while. 

Matching bloomers.

I have a tub of scraps that are too pretty to toss, so I began sewing them together in a scrap style then cutting 7 inch blocks from them.

Then sewing a white border around them. They look cute. Not sure what I will do next. I just want to use up all the scraps then I will decide what to do. It will be a quilt, just not sure on the size. 

Have not been able to sew much. Work has been stressful. I have been coming home extremely tired and track season for Matt has started.

 Two weeks till spring break. Can't wait. 

Take care, 


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Look what I got!

A new sewing machine! 

It came yesterday afternoon and I right away made two outfits size 3.

It came with a walking foot and a free motion foot. Can't wait to use them.

It may not be a top of the line machine, but for what I do (sew for homeless kids) it will work.

So I am headed to sewing club with 2 complete outfits today (have not gone in 2 months)
and a pair of p.j. pants, 1/2 made when my old machine broke. Not going to worry about a top,  just need to get them in.
Size 1

Spent the morning cutting out some pieces to sew. Frustration not having full yardage of fabric, but got some thing cut out. Wish people would donate fabric for boys.

Glad to be back sewing. 

Take Care, 


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Almost there.

A few more pin wheels and then I could put it together. 
This has been a slow going project, but it will get done. 

Take Care, 


Saturday, February 28, 2015

More snow

Wow! Freeways shut down in Albuquerque! 

The over passes got icy yesterday afternoon
along with all the side roads. Lots of accidents. People are not used to snow and ice here in Albq. We got more snow over the night and it's snowing a little right now.

  My oldest did have to go to work this morning and said roads were very icy. He took
my SUV  and made it to work just fine. My DH and
I are from Northern NM and are used to this kind of weather, my kids are not. 

It is beautiful and I plan on staying home. The family wants biscochitos, beans & chile, and chicharones for dinner. Perfect day to cook/bake.

BEAUTIFUL.  but I don't like icicles. 

This is the hand sewing I have ben doing (learning). It's been fun, but my fingers got sore and that's that I do a lot of embordiery.  Hand placement and movement is different. 

This is for "Twas The Night Before Christmas" 
by Crab-apple Hill

I will show the embordiery as soon as I can lay it on a floor to photograph it.

Take care,


Friday, February 27, 2015

We got snow!

It's about time we got snow. We got a little over 2 inches. We have a snow day today, too bad the kids were already off for conferences. I had also taken today off for Matt's conference, got to fix that come Monday morning. Our make up day is the end of May.

I love it. 

In the process of hand quilting, so
more later as I need to take pictures. 

Take Care, 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I may not be sewing,

But I am stitching. Camping season is here and I want a camping theme quilt. I plan to do it all by hand. 

News on my machine is its not worth fixing. Can't afford one right now. So I better learn hand sewing.

Take care,